Hoverboard Concept Level INSANE! See The Jet Powered Flyboard By Zapata Racing! Is This For Real?!

One of the things that recently stunned the world is this peculiar video of a guy who appears to have an actual jet powered hoverboard! The video was originally published by the company which has created water powered versions of these awesome flying machines for some years now – Zapata Industries. The difference is that these are tethered to some type of personal watercraft. This one, called the “Flyboard Air”, is something completely different. Unlike its predecessor, it`s a jet powered flyboard that has a flight up to 10,000 feet. It has also a top speed of 92mph and 10 minutes of autonomy.

When this video went viral, it completely polarized the internet. All thought this was either the most magnificent thing ever created or a huge hoax. However, it turned out to be the real deal as Zapata Racing published official details regarding the awesome jet powered flyboard. The flyboard is consisted of 4 engines that each of them delivers 250HP. 1000HP total! There is a logic system, similar to the one inside of drones, that helps stabilize the contraption. Nevertheless, it is still very hard to keep balance on this board. Frank Zapata announced that it`s literally impossible to ride it without minimum 50-100 hours on the water powered flyboard.

At last, click here to visit the official page of Zapata Racing and learn more about their flyboard!