History of Racing Watch and Its Interesting Features

A watch was made to tell time. Besides being extremely helpful to state time, it also makes a fashion statement. This small timepiece holds a unique place when it comes to fashion accessories, especially for men. However, there is a need for watch in different kind of applications. There is one band of racing watch which is known as TAG Heuer Formula 1 that occupies a very dominant place among various brands of watch available these days.

History of Racing Watch and Its Interesting Features 2

This brand of watch has been wonderfully designed in today`s competitive market environment and is one of the first analogue watches to have the quartz-only movement. Watch was released in 1983 and is popularly well known due to its very dynamic motorsports look.

Most of the race cars as well as watches both can run on certain incredible mechanical engines which rely heavily on the accuracy and precision. Therefore, it is not at all a matter of surprise that throughout history they will remain very strongly connected.

In the year 1894 there was a competition held for Horseless Carriages. It is quite famous race and widely-regarded as one of the world`s first race of motors and it was plagued with number of issues because of poor timekeeping.

After the turn of nineteenth century, again in 1902, race took place along the stretches of beach in Florida, Daytona etc. Sir Malcolm_Campbell was one most successful racer at Daytona.

Sir Malcolm Campbell was able to break the record of land speed 4 times and he could easily achieve that feat by wearing Rolex Oyster. This event was capitalized by Rolex on and eventually they produced Rolex Daytona, which is one of the iconic racing watches that were ever known.

Though few other brands e.g. Omega, Graham and Chopard, created watches meant for racing, no other brand today is linked much closer to racing as compared to Heuer.

Heuer also created dashboard timers which were common on race cars and rally. During the year, 1950`s as well as 1960`s Heuer were engaged in developing Autavia, Monaco and Carrera and tried to make them more appealing for racers.

The Monaco however is the most famous among racing watch because of its presence during 1971, in the wrist of Steve McQueen in Le Mans.

Characteristics and features

  1. High-contrast dial

Usually racing watches mostly have high-contrast dials, hence it can be easily read at very high speed

  1. Chronograph

On any racing watch, the Chronograph is completely a separate function of stopwatch which utilizes pushers to operate start and stop its second hand and also has 2 or 3 registers on its dial.

  1. Tachymeter bezel

Tachymeter bezel scale that is located around its dial will allow the racer making speed calculations

  1. Angled case orientation

Many racing watches used to have an angled case, and therefore one could read them without taking the hands off from the wheel.

  1. Rally-style straps

Racing watches nowadays are with bracelets however historically they used to be on rubber straps or breathable leather.