We figured we’d suggest the German manufacturer a new name for their model -- Cayenne Water! Read on…

One thing on which we can always count on, is the human stupidity! One can always be sure that there is someone, somewhere, who is doing something totally bizarre and extremely stupid. But not always we all do get to see that legendary moment. Luckily for us, the scene in which a guy is ruining a perfect car like the Porsche Cayenne, got caught with the camera objective and now we can all have a ton of good laughs about it.

I cannot tell where this unforgettable scene is happening, except that it is deep in the woods (obviously), where even something like the new Russian amphibious vehicle Aton Impulse Viking, would have a problem passing through, let alone a `normal car` like the Cayenne Water. I guess its owner and driver took those commercials, in which it is suggested that you can go at all off-road tracks with it, way too seriously and literally. It is either that, or he is a complete nut job.

How else would you explain the following. The guy is coming through the woodsy dirt road with his new Porsche Cayenne., and as he is approaching the deep river, he does not even think about stopping and inspecting whether he could do it or not, but goes straight into it, like it is a small stream that can be crossed even on foot. And the result is…well, I`m sure you can guess it, but you better take a look.

And if you want to find out more about the great Aton Impulse Viking amphibious vehicle, which would be the solution for something like this, go to this link.