Bike Crash Video! Helite Airbag Saves This Motorcycle Rider’s Life!

A bike crash is the rider`s worst nightmare while driving on the road. There must be no shortage in purchasing equipment gear like the Helite Airbag. All this in order to prevent sustaining horrible injuries or losing your life.

In this video, we can see a rider veering off the road and crashing. In this bike crash the rider was wearing a Helite Airnest vest. And he didn`t regret buying the Helite Airnest vest one iota. The vest saved him from losing his life and he managed to escape this bike crash unscratched. The rider is however convinced that the vest is what saved his life.

When on impact, the Helite Airnest vest inflates in order to protect the upper body. It works similarly like an airbag in a car. It instantly inflates like within 80 milliseconds. From the looks of it, we can see that this vest absorbed a great deal of energy.

This vest is so impressive that we can`t but explore its mechanics. In an Helite airbag vest like this one there is a coiled wire attached to the bike`s airbag jacket. And if the biker is detached from the bike, the coiled wire triggers, release CO2 to inflate the air vest. After being inflated it takes a couple of seconds for the vest to deflate automatically. Only a new cartridge needs to be installed and the jacket is usable again.

In Moto GP, all the riders use airbag vests. And we saw them in action when Mark Marquez was involved in a spectacular bike crash at the speed of 210 miles per hour. It was reported that his vest absorbed a hit more than 25G`s! Marquez was able to walk unscratched from this huge bike crash.

What do you guys think about the motorcycle air vest? Do you think this is the real deal? Share your thoughts with us.

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