Starting CORVETTE Z06 After It Was Directly Hit By A TORNADO!

Our country is often hit by tornados. Our history remembers several natural disasters, snow storms, tornados, wildfires, blizzards, and so on! In 2015, we remember the tragic events following Illinois, Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma! However, our next story is a mix of Tornadoes and Cars! More specifically, it will show you the ENDURANCE of a certain car very well-known for the American public! After the city of Moore, Oklahoma was hit by a Tornado, many households were damaged, many cars were ruined and many facilities are to be refurbished! But, there is one miracle that occurred! A certain supercar that was directly hit by the Tornado, was afterwards able to START its engine without any difficulties!!! Starting Corvette Z06 after such a hurricane? Read on…

This car is the one and only – Z06 CORVETTE!!! The proud owner is Shane Steelman and his VETTE turned out to be the toughest thing in Moore, OK, these days! Too bad the outside body kit is pretty much DAMAGED, however, the sound is nasty as always! We wish Shane Steelman all the best, and we hope that he will rebuild his ride as soon as possible! Congratulations on starting Corvette Z06 after such a mishap.

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