Great Video Of Vin Diesel’s Fast 8 Jet-Powered Ice Charger! In Its Ultimate Glory At SEMA 2016!

With the first Fast and Furious 8 trailer looming just around the corner, due to be released on April 14, we got a new video from Dom`s Ice Charger. We have written about it before, but in this new video, we have a totally new perspective of the jet-powered monster. The jet engine mounted on the back, is of course, only for make-believe awesomeness. However, the fake turbine engine is going to be dubbed with various awesome jet engine sounds in order to sound genuine. Which we are looking forward to. In reality, this insane Dodge Charger will run on a conventional V8 engine.

Apart from being a V8, other specifications of this bizarre Charger are currently unknown. Hopefully we will learn more after the first trailer hits. The aesthetics of the Ice Charger managed to cause some uproar from fans. However, we think it will make more sense when the movie hits in April. Still, it was specifically made to rock on the Icelandic ice, you can`t do that with a regular Charger. We also hope that more detailed information will get out about the other vehicles that are going to be featured in the movie as well. There is a very interesting line-up indeed. Stay tuned with Muscle Cars Zone, we will keep you informed.

At last, click here to watch the Furious 8 Specialty. What do you want to happen in the next sequel?