Grand Prix on 32-inch Wheels – “Underground Rim King”!

Watch this video with the Grand Prix on 32-inch Wheels -- Underground Rim King!

If you are in the mood of meeting a KING, you are at the right place! Of course, everyone would like to meet a king once in his lifetime, so approach to throne and meet the KING OF RIMS! We have learnt so far that every car needs something to POINT OUT and feel special about it! This one decided to do it with GIANT RIMS -- 32″ to be precise! We know that 32″ are pretty COMMON nowadays and that`s not a reason to call someone a KING! However, these are special since they are not spinning even when the car is in motion!

Glad to see you still in the game guys.

You must see these amazing photos made by Undergound Rim King. For more check out this link!