Get Clued Up: What To Do Following An Accident

For those who have been in a car accident before, you will be familiar with the events that follow. However, for those who have never been in an accident before, it can be a traumatic time, and difficult experience. Be clued up on what to do, so you don`t get caught out should you ever be involved in any sort of collision.

Get Clued Up What To Do Following An Accident 2

  1. Stay at the vehicle

First things first, it`s important to stay at the vehicle. No matter whether it was your fault or not, leaving the scene is not advised. Reports will need to be made and statements will need to be taken, depending on the severity of the incident. Assess the situation, and contact the relevant people.

  1. Do not claim fault

No matter what has occurred, stay polite, and do not apologize. Stay matter of fact and stay calm; this is important should the crash be serious, and there be any dispute over fault. You do not want to compromise yourself when you have done nothing wrong, so even if you are angry, upset, or unsure, refrain from expressing this too strongly to anyone else involved.

  1. Contact the police

The police will need to be contacted so they can report the accident and take statements. This may involve witness statements, and if anybody is injured then an ambulance will need to be contacted just in case.

  1. Take photos

Taking photos is important and should be done as soon as possible. Once you are safe, and the vehicle has been removed from the road, if possible, document any damage. This will help you should you need to take anything further and need to prove your case with your insurance company. This also clears up exactly what damage was inflicted to the vehicle, especially if you had a few scrapes before. You should take photos of the following:

  • Damage to your vehicle
  • Remember to take various photos from different angles
  • Damage to the other vehicle
  • Photos of the scene, including any debris on the road
  1. Exchange Information

Before anyone involved leaves the scene, take down names, numbers, addresses if possible and insurance details. You may likely never encounter these people again, unless it is an incident that goes to court. Let nothing slide and get everybody`s information so that you`re not caught out later on. Details about their car including make, model and registration are worth noting down too.

  1. Be aware of your rights

Being aware of what you are entitled to can give you real peace of mind in the aftermath of an accident. This could include knowing the right people to contact should you need a legal representative. This article written by Tampa Personal Injury Attorneys can give you all the information you need about the type of compensation you may be entitled to. Be clued up and do not let it slide, if the accident affects you both mentally and physically. Hiring Tampa personal injury attorneys can make the difference between an accident that is happily resolved, and a traumatic event that never comes to a real conclusion.

  1. Prepare for what is to come

The days and weeks after an accident can be a testing time; depending on how serious the crash was, you may find you suffer from shock. It is recommended to get back on the road as soon as possible, otherwise you may build it up in your head and struggle to return to the road.