Future Maserati MC13 Is Imagined! How Do You Like The Looks Of It?

“Evren Milano”, the rendering office came out with fantastic ideas. They are very famous for their imaginations. Last time, they rendered the limited production of Lamborghini right after the Lamborghini Centenario was presented at Geneva! Now, they have a vision for the future Maserati MC13!

Future Maserati 1

Future Maserati 7

The futuristic Maserati MC13 is the successor of the Maserati MC12 – obviously. Only 50 models of the MC12 were built which makes them really rare. However, you can still see them on some events such as the Cars and Coffee event in Italy! Anyway, take a look at the gallery below and see whether you like the future Maserati C13!

And finally, what about the Maserati MC12?