Ford F-150 vs. Dodge Ram 1500: The Definitive Comparison 

Truck lovers are fans of the Ford F-150 and the Dodge Ram 1500. You will see plenty of both of these vehicles on the road. Both have excellent features that truck aficionados appreciate. Which one is the better choice, though? Before you check out Dodge Ram dealers, Utah residents should read this definitive comparison.


The Price

Let`s start with the price since that must enter into any truck discussion. You can get more or less expensive F-150s and Ram 1500s with different features, but let`s say you get the crew cab versions of both vehicles with four-wheel drive and short beds.

If you go that route, you can get the Ram for $64,656. The Ford will cost you $74,365. That means if you want equivalent models of these vehicles, you get a significant discount on the Ram.

The Powertrain Comparison

It`s undeniable that Ford is more powerful than Ram if you put these two trucks up against each other. You can also get the F-150 with more engine choices. You can get one with a V6 or a V8.

If you plan on doing some heavy-duty hauling, that`s good news. You`re paying more for the Ford, but it`s likely better on construction sites.

The Ram counters with either the turbodiesel V6 or the mild hybrid gas version. They also have two V8 models, one with the mild hybrid system or one without it.

If you get the Ram mild hybrid eTorque V8 setup, it doesn`t have quite the hauling capability of Ford`s Powerboost.

Luxury Trim Options

If you`re more concerned with interior luxury than towing and hauling power, you should find the interiors of both of these models to be comfortable to the point of opulence. The Ram has several front storage configurations you should appreciate.

The Ford has an optional 12-inch screen, but so does the Ram. The Ram`s is vertical, while the Ford`s is horizontal. The F-150`s screen looks a bit crisper and cleaner.

The Ford has an advantage with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality. You don`t get either of those with the Ram`s interior.

The Ride

As for the feeling when you`re driving either model, you get smooth rides with both. The Ram rides slightly softer due to its coil-spring rear suspension. The Ford has scalloped front doors, though, which deliver an impression of outward visibility.

When the powertrain of either one switches from all-gas to all-electric, that happens with audible clunks. That seems unavoidable with either model. For their sizes, both vehicles offer relatively smooth rides overall, though.

The Bottom Line

You pay about $10K more for the Ford over the Ram, but you get a more powerful machine with arguably superior trim options. You get more engine choices with the Ford, which some consumers prioritize.

Overall, the Ford seems to be the superior machine in a number of crucial ways, but if you want a vehicle of this caliber and don`t have as much money to spend, you`ll probably opt for the Ram.