FORCE 1 V10 By VLF Automotive! Design By Henrik Fisker!

This supercar is based on the chassis used in the present Dodge Viper, however the body and overall styling look completely different. The body of this vehicle is made entirely of carbon fiber. Furthermore, the Force 1 V10 is going to be set in motion by the incredible 8.4 liter engine, the very same that powers the Viper.

FORCE 1 V10 By VLF Automotive 5

FORCE 1 V10 By VLF Automotive 8

This naturally aspirated engine will produce 745 horsepower as well as 638 lb-ft of torque. Just as a reminder, the regular Viper delivers 100 horsepower less. In addition, the power for the FORCE 1 V10 is going to be sent to the rear wheels via 3 transmissions the buyers can choose from – standard manual 6-speed, 6-speed automatic as well as paddle-shifted transmission.

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