Fly To Space With The Rocket Lab! Affordable SpaceX Alternative!

The space has always been an enigma for all the people, that is until they finally managed to launch a rocket and land on the moon. Ever since then, such expensive projects have been in progress and improvements, but if you take a look at the things from a different perspective you can see that actually not much has changed over the years. Apollo launched by Rocket Lab on average two times a year at a combined cost of $47 billion, which means that a single flight had cost whooping $3.6 billion.

Fly To Space With The Rocket Lab Affordable SpaceX Alternative 2

As time flew, everyone expected that the space would become much more affordable and everyone could launch a rocket. But it simply had not happened. It takes two years to launch a rocket with a cost of $130 million on average to buy your own rocket. This was a major problem up until now. Meet the Electron. This compact rocket cost just $4.9 million to be made and it can be launched every week, or as often as you want. This is a huge reduction in cost.

This could just mean that space is finally in reach and the team at Rocket Lab could make this possible. They designed and engineered the whole project and wanted to show everyone that flying to space is actually possible. The boys from Rocket Lab designed a totally new way to make rockets, which means that they reduced the size. A groundbreaking discovery which means that you can launch your rocket in space for a fraction of the cost!