World’s First 6-SECOND Nissan GTR! Finally They Did It!

Is it just another proof that hard work always pays off on the long run? Well, it might just be because these guys have dreamt BIG! And now, they will LIVE BIG as their only dream came true. What was this dream you ask? To get this insane NISSAN GTR into the 6 second club. The fascinating thing about this run is that this Nissan GTR became the world`s first GTR to run this time! Sure, you might know other GTRs performing these times. But, how about the fact that this is a stock AWD car!

We guess this goes out for all the people who say that such times are unbeatable without pro mods. Yes, they are. You are looking at it! However, it was the day they were all waiting. No one really believed that we will be seeing an AWD GTR going under 7 secs. Hard boost that even emerged in his forehead vein (just a joke)! The sound this car produces, is a living dream. Maybe not so good at idle, but the most marvelous noise comes out when this car is accelerating! It is sure a day to remember – good job you insane Nissan GTR!

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