2016 KIA SPORTSPACE CONCEPT CAR @ 2015 Geneva Motor Show!

The car that attracted a lot of attention in the heart of Switzerland is definitely the 2016 KIA SPORTSPACE! Maybe it was due to the fact it is the 2016 OPTIMA`S official preview! However, there are several differences between the Sportspace and the Optima! Firstly, the Sportspace is a very stylish wagon, unlike the Optima which is a sedan! This, however, means that the Sportspace is a more practical Optima version. Even though the new Optima will be a lot similar to the SONATA from the sister brand – Hyundai, it`s going to pick up a lot from the Sportspace as well!

On one hand, the Optima will take the 2.0L, 4 cylinder engine and the new plug-in hybrid powertrains from the Sonata! On the other hand, the wagon body style, the touchscreen display and the leather trim are going to be taken by the example of the 2016 KIA SPORTSPACE!!! We bring you all the information, check it out! Plus, have a closer look at the model in the exclusive video below the photo gallery!

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