Ferrari 458 Italia vs Ducati 1198 S! Which is faster? BIKE OR CAR?

Before you press the play button, here are some facts about these two participants. The first is about Ducati 1198 and the second is the body of the Ferrari 458 Italia is shaped in the same way as the F1 cars. Its engine is 4.5 liter V8 delivering 562 horsepower and goes up to 9000 RPM. This machine made the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera to turn the test invitation down. However, this vehicle needs an opponent, and found a compatriot as one. The Ducati 1198S has 1.2 liter V twin engine with 170 HP spinning at 10000 RPM and weights almost 10 times less than the Ferrari.

In the video bellow you can see these 2 impressive Italian speed machines to the the race track and the drag strip. In your opinion which will be faster? Ferrari 458 Italia or Ducati 1198S?

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Enjoy the video below!

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