“Fast and Furious” Original Dodge Charger Engine! DEMONIC SOUND! (HD)

Making a movie that`s worth watching is completely hard! Actually, when it comes to Hollywood, the word “hard” transforms to “expensive”! Well, you have to invest if you want quality! You don`t see perfectly tuned car that`s cheap, right? That`s why Fast and Furious used the real thing for their franchise! No fake engines and cars, the real muscle power lays in the Dodge Charger engine!

Here it is people! Check out this “Fast and Furious” Original Dodge Charger Engine with DEMONIC SOUND on the HD video bellow.¬†You don`t have to play the movie over and over again just to see this car. Not that you don`t want to! But this seems more practical. And it is all about real, raw power. Normally, we would recommend to volume your speakers up, but we won`t do so this time simply because we care. The Dodge Charger engine from Fast and Furious is really mean and it becomes more and more clear why that car is amongst favorites! However, we must admit that the blower in the first Fast and Furious movie was fake. That`s when things changed! This V8 Dodge Charger engine is off the hook as it plays music to our ears! This has to be what an American muscle sounds like!

Believe it or not, after the 2nd try to start the engine, a sudden BOOM from the engine closed the car’s door… Therefore, watching this video again and again can`t do any harm. In fact, it will make you love the car even more! Although this vehicle had difficulties with starting the engine, we all forget that once it starts roaring! What`s your opinion about this car? Check it out!

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