EXPERIMENT: See What Happens To Your Engine Without OIL Inside!

This is a very interesting experiment to see what happens to an engine without oil.

What Happens Engine Without Oil Inside 3

This guy films the same engine twice, a day apart, once with enough oil and once without any oil at all. The engine is a 212cc air-cooled single cylinder Harbor Freight. He picks five points to monitor for any changes – the crankcase, the top of the crankcase, the air-cooled cylinder bore, the exhaust pipe and the valve cover. He puts in some cheap “premium” motor oil in his engine and the results start coming in. The first engine with the 10W-30 oil is a bit hotter since the hot oil is transported through the engine, heating it up.

Since the results didn`t really add up, he opens the engine without oil to take a look of what`s inside. He finds a small amount of oil that didn`t drain, completely black and filled with small metal flakes that peeled off from the engine parts!

This is permanent damage! Also, the surface of the connecting rod cap has been heavily bruised after just 15 minutes of work, as well as the camshaft and the cylinder bore. All in all, if you want to keep your engine, do not run it with no oil in even the craziest scenario!

Before you go, here are the 6 things you need to know about engine oil.