The Road To ‘Furious 7’ ADDICTIVE Video Trailer! Can You Wait till 04.03.2015 For The Furious 7 Film?

We are sure you could not wait for the newest top car chases, crashes and races in the seventh installment of Fast & Furious movie -- Furious 7 film. This new film promises to be another amazing show with car fueled rides, handsome men and beautiful girls.

This stunning Furious 7 film trailer gives us a very good look back at the road of the previous installments that has took us to Fast and Furious 7. The official trailer preview of the coming film will launch November 1.

We just can`t wait for November the first to come and get at least a little taste about the new instalment from the trailer. It`s the thing for every gearhead out there – Furious 7 film. You just can`t be disappointed with the fastest movie ever. We think that it will reach the billion dollars mark in the box office. The Fast and Furious 6 barely missed the billion dollar mark, but the Furious 7 film we suspect it will do the job.

Check all the actors of Fast & Furious 7 HERE and YOU CAN ALSO CHECK THE OTHER “7 Seconds of 7 -- Cars” VIDEO ON PAGE2!

Finally, if you are a Fast and Furious nerd and history buff, checkout this link!

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