Essential Tools For A Memorable RV Camping In The Wild

For every outdoor and adventure junkie, spending a weekend in the woods or near the beach is a good idea. The ecstatic feeling of getting away from the usual city buzz is something they crave for. But RV camping is not designed only for these enthusiasts, as anyone can go camping in the wild. Families, couples, or best of friends can have a great time RV camping whenever they want to. But to ensure that everyone can spend a great weekend camping, you must prepare these essentials beforehand. You may find some of the things on the list as extra, but they will surely come in handy when you’re already out there.

Essential Tools For A Memorable RV Camping In The Wild 2

Camper Financing Basics

Let’s start with the basics first. Of course, you can’t be out there in the wild, RV camping, if you don’t have a trailer with you. It would be best if you first secured a camper, and you can do that by applying for camper financing.

If you’re confident and your current financial status can get you a motorized RV, you can enjoy driving your RV, or if the budget is a little bit constricted, a towable trailer camper would still be a good idea. Whatever you end up choosing, make sure that you’re comfortable and confident managing the financing for a camper.

Just an addition to your camper financing, you can also check out used RVs before locking a deal with a brand new one. Try to compare the two first and take into consideration the usage frequency. Are you going to use it just for one, every weekend, or are you going for a long road driving? All of these are significant when you decide to purchase a camper.

Why Making A List Important?

Now that you know what type of camper you’re getting, the next thing you need to secure is to prepare a comprehensive list of all the things you need to bring.

You may ask why a list is important, and essentially and technically speaking, a comprehensive list will ensure that you will bring everything that you need to enjoy a camping weekend. You eliminate the problem of not bringing all the essentials. By making a list, you can always double-check everything before you get on the road.

To get started with your list, we group all the essentials according to their category, so you can group them once you’re packing.

Sleeping Essentials You Shouldn’t Miss 

One of the most important things when camping in the wild is your sleeping shelter. If you have a towing trailer, technically, you can’t sleep inside due to its size and small floor plan. You need to set up a camp or a tent as your sleeping shelter.

This also comes in handy for big families or groups of friends riding motorized RVs. Due to the small bed space in a motorized RV, you still need a sleeping shelter installed.

Sleeping shelter includes any of these:

  • Tent
  • Hammock
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Inflatable Pillow

Pro-tip: You need to take into consideration the weather when you’re camping in the wild. If the weather is nice and you like sleeping under the stars, you can stay in your hammock and enjoy stargazing at night. But if it’s too cold or the weather is unpredictable, make sure to bring a sleeping bag with a higher temperature setting to keep you warm at night.

Cooking Tools For You To Get By

Another important tool that you shouldn’t miss. The cooking tools. Spending a weekend in the wild or in the woods is a perfect time to harness some of your survival skills. However, not everyone has the energy and the spirit of a true wanderer or an adventurer.

For families who would like to spend a great time or friends that were looking for downtime away from work, packing the right cooking tools will come in handy.

To ensure that all food is prepared safely, you need these few things packed in your RV before going on a trip.

  • Cooking pots
  • Frying pans
  • Basic utensils
  • Knives
  • Matches
  • Stove and fuel (a burner would also be a good option)
  • Stackable plates and bowls (this is for easy storage and a good space saver)
  • Cutting board (make sure it’s lightweight so that you won’t be a burden for extra weight)
  • Cooler

Pro-tip: Even if you have a water storage or cooler ready, always ensure that everyone has an individual water bottle ready. This is to maintain personal hygiene practice. These water bottles can also be used as extra storage if you want to go venturing out the rest of the location.

Additional Fun Would Be A Great Idea

Camping in the woods or an outdoor setting is a great idea, but no one says that bringing and adding an extra layer of fun would hurt. That’s why it’s good to bring additional essentials that would create camping together a memorable experience. You can bring in some of these items and get entertained during camping.

  • Card and board games
  • Water guns (this is a popular choice for kids, and it’s a perfect time for them to play with no restrictions)
  • Musical instruments like guitars, harmonica, or drums

You can also spend extra fun activities while camping if you’re staying near a creek side or shoreline, you can have fun doing some water activities or play some games such as Tag and Hide and Seek. If you’re getting on with your adventurer spirit, make sure to bring with you your camera and handy telescopes and go birdwatching or wild animal watching.

Pro-tip: If you’re in the wild for animal watching, make sure you don’t create loud noise as this will make animals wary and scared. Keep your movement minimal to enjoy watching them a little bit longer.


Spending a weekend camping is a fun and exciting thing. It’s an unusual weekend break but a memorable one. RV camping is not only for outdoor enthusiasts; everyone and anyone can have a great camping moment just as long as you have all the things that you need. Getting prepared for a trip makes things different as you’re confident that you can enjoy the moment and you’re not anxious about forgetting something essential.

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