Lamborghini Mustang Hybrid Tractorri?

We have all witnessed a plenty of interesting and also weird combinations in the automotive world. Just after revealing the unique Cummins Charger and Duramax Camaro, we stumbled upon something even more unusual. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Lamborghini Mustang Hybrid Tractorri! Sounds crazy already right?

Lamborghini Mustang Hybrid Tractorri 7

Well, it certainly is! This epic custom build brings into one the beauty of the American muscle and the style and power of Italia’s most famous supercar. A combo that might upset the fans of each brand because of the different reputation they enjoy worldwide. However, whether if you love it or hate it, you must admit that this is one cool creation. We just wonder how well it performs on track compared to Roush Mustang and the original Lamborghini Gallardo…

At first sight it looks like a Gallardo, but after a while you will notice that it is actually a Mustang. This crazy combination has already been part of several car shows, but a bunch of questions are still rising since its first appearance. According to the genius who made this Lamborghini Mustang Hybrid Tractorri, this unique build is a one off frame with both Mustang and Lamborghini parts, although the latest dominate. This build features a Lamborghini engine, 4-wheel drive and all of Lamborghini’s driver assists. The Mustang body also hides a complete Lamborghini interior.

So, as we assumed after watching the videos and reading the comments, this Lamborghini Mustang owner bought an exotic car, transformed it into a legendary muscle car and got a weird looking vehicle that gets more strange reactions than envy looks. What do you think?