EPIC DRAG RACE: Coga Truck vs 500HP Saleen Mustang! This Thing Is From Another PLANET!

We are sure this Coga Truck is a real beast and Benoit Gagné is the guy who promoted and organized the race at St-joseph De Beauce. We saw a video with the owner of the white Mustang and it is definitely a real 500HP Saleen. He got owned by a 22 000 pounds peterbuild. I have seen this truck competing against Viper, Corvette and many other rides…this thing always wins!

If you were to show this to someone who hasn`t seen the video, we could bet our lives that they wouldn`t think that this 22 000 pound monstrosity could possibly outrun a 500 HP Mustang speed demon, and it did. But seriously though, that truck looks scary, those exhausts… looks like something out of an action film, or more likely, a horror film…
Even we laughed when we saw this video, and the statement that “a 22 000 pound truck beats a 500 HP Mustang”, needless to say, we were dazzled. That truck was so cool, spitting enough smoke to make a factory look like a burning cigarette… That Mustang must have gotten scared and felt so weak looking at the almighty Coga truck. And he should be, that thing looks, and is powerful, powerful enough to reach speeds that outrun a Mustang. Anyone would like to get behind the wheel of this “supertruck”. This video makes people aware of how awesome trucks can be, and how not all trucks are “slow, bulky and boring”, we hope it did that to you. So be sure to share this with your friends and feel free to share your thoughts with us and tell us what do you think about this epic drag race!

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