The Best Engine Swap Possible On This Awesome Chevrolet S10!

What happens when a genius mind and an awesome car are combined together? Something absolutely stunning, that is for sure! In fact, this is exactly how most of the creations we see are developed. All you need is a basic idea and a plan. The plan that this guy had was something really special. He wanted to swap the engine of this Chevrolet S10 with something absolutely furious. And he surely did a great job. We can easily say that this Chevrolet S10 is one of the best, if not the best, pickup trucks you will ever see. In order to make this sleeper a true beauty, the creator decided to change other things as well. The mighty V8 combined with the 1994 L1 and 4L60E drivetrain is what makes this truck so special. But it was not an easy task, which was something expected.

engine swap chevrolet s10 1

Besides the V8, this Chevrolet S10 now has a 1995 F-body and a 1996 S10 Blazer rear sway bar. The creator decided to share with us all the steps, so he included some photographs along the way. All of this would result only in one thing. Those tires are guaranteed to get burned every single time. This man is a true example that nothing is impossible if you are willing to put enough effort in it. The possibilities when making an engine swap are endless, but he surely did the right choice. At first look the Chevrolet S10 might look even unusual, but be aware of what is under the hood. We know that all sleepers are powerful, but this one surely breaks the barrier. He paid special attention to the cooling, since this is really important with a V8 engine swap. He installed a wider radiator as a solution!

engine swap chevrolet s10 2

Before you leave make sure to take a close look at these awesome sleepers!