The All Electric Audi A9 Prologue Concept!

Things are clear, the future of auto industry are electric cars. After Tesla, the German automaker decided to follow those footsteps and offer their Audi A9 Prologue concept in electric model only! This is the third Audi car to go on sale right before 2020.

Electric Audi A9 Prologue Concept Tesla 11

The new designed car will be a rival to the BMW 8 and Mercedes S Class Coupe. The new Audi A9 Prologue will be offered like a 4 door saloon and a 2 door coupe. The grille on this one will be sharper and much wider than the current one, as a concave shape will define the car`s look!

As for the setup, the German automaker plans to install three engines to run the Audi A9 Prologue. One engine will be driving the wheels in the front, whereas two will perform in the rear. The engines will be powered by a 95 kWh pack! As for the price, no concrete numbers are out there. However, the price for the new Audi will probably cost much more than the current A8 model. Thus, top specification version of the Audi A9 Prologue will hit the £100,000 bar, most likely!

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