Easiest Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance Premiums

Oh, the adulting side of owning a car! From the moment you receive your license, the world seems to open up, but once you realize that being able to drive and own a car comes with a new world of responsibilities, your view of this newfound privilege can seem slighted. Take a deep breath because it doesn`t need to be as stressful or expensive as it seems. Finding those rock bottom car insurance rates might take more tricks than just building a good driving record. Being a safe driver will always help you find low rates, but there are other ways to help you keep your money in your pocket.

Coins and a Piggy Bank

Staying Active can Help You Actively Save

Daily Steps not Daily Miles

How often do you choose to walk or to utilize public transit? Getting in your daily steps is more than just good for heart health. Incorporating fitness and the use of public transportation for weekly errands or leisure activities cuts down on your mileage, saves money on gas, and helps the environment. 

Driving fewer annual miles will help you find lower premiums since the less you drive the less chances you have of getting into a car wreck. And when you`re less of a risk for the insurance company, you`ll have lower rates.

Put the “Pro” in Proactive

Believe it or not insurance companies are not trying to gouge you for all you`re worth. Most companies offer defensive driving courses with the initiative to keep you safe and give you incentives to lower your monthly premium. 

Even taking courses provided by your local Department of Drivers Services and showing your insurance company that you`ve completed the course will help you lower your insurance rates. 

No matter if you`re shopping the market or have been with the same company for years, taking a proactive step in showing that you`re a safe, educated driver pays off by helping you pay less.

Keep Doing What You Do

Are you or anyone in your household in school? Keeping up your grades or raising a good student can also help with car insurance when looking at rates. Insurance companies like to help support productive activities and will reward you for more than you think. 

Talking to your insurance agent about the activities you already participate in can help find you available discounts. If you qualify, why not make sure your insurance company knows?

It Pays to Shop

Woman in Black Coat Standing on Sidewalk

Window Shop Til` You Drop

As if most of us need more reasons to shop. Well, add this to the list.

Even if you`re loyal to the company you already have it never hurts to look or to let your current provider know that you are looking. Each year companies create new incentives to attract new business so taking advantage is only smart shopping. 

There`s a comfort in things staying the same, but there are companies out there literally trying to buy your attention. Give the online companies a look, and you just may stumble upon a great deal too good to pass up.

Kids aren`t the Only Ones who Enjoy Toys

When buying things benefits the whole family, it’s only right, right? Buying devices for the extra protection of your car can benefit you. Making sure your vehicle has extra anti-theft protection. 

Buying devices that can help to improve your driving is fun shopping that car insurance companies fully support. It makes sense to spend money if in the future, it can help you save money. 

So finalize that checkout and rest easy knowing that each purchase can lower your monthly premium.

Spend all at Once

It takes money to save money. If you are able, offering to pay multiple months upfront can also help take a chunk off your overall premium. In this case companies will reward your loyalty. 

You`re helping to keep them running, and they will help you in return by giving you a discount.

Things to Think about Before Buying

Delighted young female car dealer in car salon


Before buying a car or shopping around for new insurance, it never hurts to double check your credit score. Luckily keeping up with your credit score is easier than ever these days, and having good credit will help you get good rates. 

If you have a teen or are someone who hasn`t yet built up credit, it could be extremely beneficial to build your credit score before applying for a car and car insurance. And you may want to check out certified used cars rather than brand new cars.

Price of Fancy

I think if each of us had to look at the prices connected to our dream cars, it wouldn`t be considered a dream anymore. If you`re looking for car insurance options because you`re considering getting a car or purchasing another, hopefully it will help you to know what cars will help you save. Unless you`re a farmer, it`s cost efficient to stick to smaller vehicles. 

According to some small research the top cars that are the cheapest to insure are:

  • Honda CR-V
  • Jeep Compass
  • Ford Escape
  • Chevrolet Equinox
  • Toyota Tacoma

Cheap doesn`t always mean bad as seen from this list, but checking with insurance companies on rates for what cars you`re considering before finalizing your purchase could end up saving you money for years to come.

This mature approach can take some of the fun out of buying a car, but this consideration will make that new car smell last longer knowing that you`re fully covered and saving money with each mile. 


Saving doesn`t always have to come from turning to your grandma`s coupon table. There doesn`t have to be a mess or long, drawn-out frustration by not finding what you`re looking for. 

Companies want your business, and they want to keep you happy so you`ll stay. 

Taking a few extra steps by utilizing some of the tips here can help you sweeten the deal for both you and your provider. You are the hot commodity here and have more control over your wallet than you think. 

Driving is fun but only when it’s being done safely and not making you feel as if money flies out the window with each mile. Keep your money in your pocket while enjoying the road.

Danielle Beck-Hunter writes and researches for the auto insurance comparison site, AutoInsurance.org. Having lived in various cities searching for car insurance is second nature, and she is always looking for a good deal.