When You Don’t Have Driving Skill Your Money Isn’t Worth Much!

These guys thought they can get away with anything on the race track just because they have money to buy expensive and awesome race cars. As you can clearly see in this video, that is not the case. One by one, the contestants in this race come across a very sharp turn that requires them to either drift or take the turn very slowly. They are repeatedly put to shame as their extremely long and fast cars have to take the turn in multiple movements, going back and forth until they`re lined up to drive again. That`s just poor driving skill!

One guy even requires the help of the local population and a few people come and push him so he can climb the steep road after the turn is made. About a dozen people help him out and not a minute after that, the most amazing thing happens – probably the cheapest car of the bunch, this little Renault 5 GT Turbo drifts through the turn like nothing – now that`s what I call driving skill! In the end, it doesn`t matter how much money your car costs, but how well you know how to drive and manage it on the road!

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