Driving a Cab Isn’t Easy: 8 Injuries to Be Aware of

If you have been in the cab driving profession for a while, you may have an idea of various injuries that can happen when driving a cab or parking it. But you might not be aware of all the potential issues, and as a new driver, knowing potential injuries is crucial. Not only will it help you understand what to do in such a situation, but it will also help you claim compensation for the injuries you sustained while at work. Read on to learn eight potential injuries that can happen to you while driving a cab and what to do.

Head Injuries

The most common head injury is a concussion, which occurs when your head hits an object, or you receive a blow to the head. This can happen if you are in a car accident or if you are hit by another driver while parked. Symptoms of a concussion include dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, and confusion. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should see a doctor immediately.

Neck Injuries

Neck injuries are often caused by whiplash when your head is suddenly jerked forward and back. This can happen if you are in a car accident or if you are hit from behind while parked. Symptoms of whiplash include neck pain, stiffness, and headaches.

Back Injuries

Back injuries can occur due to lifting heavy objects, such as luggage, or from sitting in an awkward position for a long period. 

You can avoid such injuries with these tips:

  • Take breaks often to move around and stretch
  • Use a supportive pillow or cushion
  • Sit upright while driving.

Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries can occur due to repetitive motions, such as reaching for fares or lifting heavy objects like luggage. You can avoid such injuries by taking breaks often and stretching your arms and shoulders. Also, make sure you do not sleep on an uneven pillow before your shift starts, as this can worsen the pain.

Elbow Injuries

Repetitive motions cause elbow injuries, such as accidentally hitting the windowpane or your elbow getting injured during an accident. You can avoid such injuries by driving in an upright pose. Also, make sure to contact a work related accident lawyer if your employer refuses to compensate for your injuries.

Wrist Injuries

Wrist injuries can occur when using the steering wheel for long periods of repetitive motions, such as opening and closing the door. You can avoid such injuries by taking frequent breaks and stretching your wrists and hands.

Hand Injuries

Besides your neck and head, your hands might be severely injured during an accident, irrespective of whose fault it was. 

If you find yourself in such a situation, consider taking these steps:

  • Note down the other driver’s number plate
  • Call your employer and inform them about the accident
  • Take pictures of the damage to your vehicle and the other driver’s car.
  • Do not talk to anyone about the accident unless you give a formal statement to the cops.

Knee Injuries

Knee injuries can occur from repetitive motions, such as getting in and out of the car or an accident. You can avoid such injuries by ensuring enough cabin space in the car, stretching your legs timely, and adjusting your seat for a comfortable driving position. Also, make sure you wear comfortable shoes that provide support to your feet and ankles.

Final Word

Driving a cab can be challenging, and knowing about these eight injuries will help you stay safe on the job. If you do suffer from any of these injuries, make sure to see a doctor immediately and file a report with your employer. You may also want to talk to an experienced work-related accident lawyer to ensure you are fairly compensated for your injury.