High Octane DRAG TEST: 2014 Corvette Z51 vs Tesla S!

Few days ago, the guys from HOT ROD posted something really amusing. It was about a car which is powered by a battery charger and its called the Electrovair II, which in fact is a 1966 Corvair. This Corvair needs a six-hours recharge after passing fro 40 to 80 miles and when it comes to its perfomance it has many similarilties with the air-cooled Corvair. In recent years, electric cars were upsurged and no longer looked like the products of industrial designers. Drag Times is the nae for adrenaline and fun. We are sure that we tickeled your imagination now. If so, we gonna tell you what they did this time. Namely, the guys compared the automatic-equipped 2014 Corvette Z51 with the 2014 Tesla S P85 in order to show how Americ`s Electric Vehicle competes with America`s Sports Car in a quarter mile session.

Enjoy the video below!

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The Tesla Model S is the exact same one that we many times spot in the carpool lanes in metro Los Angeles. Its borrowed-like design does nothing to enchant us, but its business model is totally different from anything else that have ever came from Detroit. Nevertheless, the instant torque that electric motors provide – 443 lbs/ft did intrigue us. The test car was the sportier P85 model, that boosts 416 horsepower, which is over 110 more than the basic S 60 model,  and in addition it passed 0-60 in 4.2 seconds and the quarter mile in  just 12.6.

On the other side we have the amazingliy-looking 2014 Corvette Z51. The measured horsepower is 455 (460 with optional performance exhaust system, which gives a claimed 0-60 in 3.8 seconds according to Chevrolet. For under 60 grand, you can have a car that`s twice as cool as the Lamborghini Countach that you probably always dreamt about since you were able to think. Motor Trend achieved 12.2 seconds in the quarter mile.

We have no idea who will win the drag test. The Tesla has soe serious chance with its instant torque of electric motors, but on the other hand the 2014 Z51 Corvette, with uch less mass, seems to be likely to win the 1320.

Anyway, check out this frustrated Tesla owner!