Window tinting is like the forbidden fruit in the automotive world. There are so many controversies related to this truly desirable process. In fact, people want to have things that are prohibited. Tinting your car windows is somehow part of the stack of things that belong to the category of forbidden goods, per se. In addition, there have been many passed laws concerning this issue. With them, the use of ELECTROCHROMIC WINDOW TINT is legal to a certain point.

Today`s video is going to present you one truly revolutionary approach to the window tinting process. It is a word of the ELECTROCHROMIC WINDOW TINT! There is one catch that makes this type of tinting your car windows loved by everyone! You actually can turn it ON and OFF whenever you want! Isn`t that great? However, what has a good side, most likely has a down side too. Well, the disadvantage of would be that this type of tinting is two-way, not one way like the conventional. In other words, if you cannot see the interior of the car from the outside, you won`t be able to see outside if you are in the car. But there is a solution for that either – it`s adjustable!

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