Common Myths About Car Accidents Claims

Car accidents can be traumatic experiences for all of those who are involved. Recovering from an accident can be a long journey and will affect your quality of life. According to data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 36,560 traffic fatalities in the year 2018. The following are some of the most common misconceptions involving car accidents claims:

What should I do after a car accident?

In the hectic and often traumatic aftermath of a car accident, what you do next could make all the difference in your case. Often when there is minimal damage or injuries individuals leave the scene without calling the police and seeking medical attention but in some states, this is against the law. When you`re involved in a car accident, to protect yourself and other passengers, follow the following steps:

Seek medical attention

Sometimes the adrenaline of an accident could cause individuals to be numb to the pain they face so seeking medical attention for themselves or other passengers, even if they don`t feel pain, may protect your claim later down the line.

Document Everything

Get the make, model, plate number, license number, names, and contact information of all parties involved as soon as you can. Having this information will be vital to helping your legal team try or settle your case.

Gathering the contact information of witnesses could help in defending your case and proving the negligence of others. Also taking photos and videos of the scene may help your car accident attorney find details that you may have overlooked. These minor details could spell out the difference between fault and liability.

Contact the Authorities

Having a police report will be essential to your claim. If the other party was issued a citation, then it will be easier to prove their negligence in the accident. Also, having the police administer a blood alcohol test to someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol could all but guarantee a settlement in your favor.

Car Accident Injury Myths

Individuals who don`t suffer major injuries immediately may feel as though they don`t have a case but this isn`t entirely true. Brain injuries, head traumas, and soft tissue injuries may take time before you feel any of the effects. Failure to seek a medical professional in the instances of delayed injuries may prevent you from receiving compensation for those medical expenses.

State Law Fallacies

Each state has different laws for car accidents. Understanding the statute of limitations in your state, meaning how long you have to file a claim from the date of your accident, is important to understand.

Each state has its own statutes about no-fault accidents or shared fault accidents. Being familiar with the laws in the state your accident occurred is of utter importance to your claim. If you have any questions about car accident law, then consult with an adept and experienced attorney immediately. 

Legal Representation Misconceptions

You may have been misled to believe that insurance companies will handle all the minute details of your claim, or that your case is too small for a car accident attorney. Insurance companies have tons of experience, and tricks, to avoid paying out claims.

Consulting with a car accident attorney usually comes at no cost to you and normally they don`t get paid until after you win your case or secure a settlement. Car accident lawyers will have the knowledge to combat insurance companies and how to properly investigate your accident while offering you guidance in recuperating your losses.