2013 Pontiac Trans Am by Lingenfelter at SEMA 2012!

At the 2012 SEMA show a new Pontiac has arrived. Lingenfelter`s Pontiac is based on the fifth generation of Camaro and was a GM`s special project. Now, it is on sale and is waiting for the new owner. The 2013 Pontiac Trans Am will be offered in three customized packages for three different prices. Package one includes cat-back exhaust and customized interior and costs 40,000 dollars. The second package includes wheels, paint, exterior and interior and is worth 69,000 dollars.

The third and most expensive package includes a 455ci V8 engine, exterior interior, Brembo brakes, paint and full exhaust. If you don`t have a Camaro of your own, the company will buy one for you. In 2009 4 prototypes were built by Lingenfelter, while now the wheels are customized and produced by Forgeline, particularly for the 2013 Pontiac Trans Am machine.

Up to now 5 units have been sold, while one is still waiting for its owner.

Anyway, check out the 2016 Pontiac Trans AM!