It is always tempting to go with the bigger wheel option for your car. However, the manufacturers reserve the big rims for higher-end models and may charge you more bucks for additional rolling metal. If you consider changing the wheels on your car, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you make the right upgrade. Note that the wheels impact the ride’s comfort, handling, and safety.

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Choose a reputable wheel retailer.

Buying aftermarket wheels can be tricky because you have so many models and specifications to choose from. However, do not be tempted by the plenty of cheap wheels available because it is perilous to fit cheap wheels on your car. Although the imitation models may look similar to the original ones, they often aren’t tested for quality and strength; therefore, they don’t meet the standards.

If you drove into a pothole or unexpected bump, a replica wheel could put you at a risk of an accident. You are spoilt for choice from mayhem wheelsto alloy wheels, but you are guaranteed high-quality wheels when you choose a reputable retailer.

Consider the stud pattern.

When it comes to car wheels, you can’t just pick a size and fit it in your car. The mounting point on a wheel hub differs between manufacturers, and you need to know yours. Some vehicles have three, four, or five lugs to mount the wheel on, and the diameter of the studs arrangement is also different between models.

Therefore you should check your vehicle manual or examine whether the numbers are engraved on the wheels. Ideally, the first number means the number of mounting holes, and the second is the distance between the middle of the holes. If you get a wheel with a different stud pattern, it won’t fit into your vehicle’s wheel hub.

Check the diameter

You must be aware that changing your vehicle’s wheels or tires can impact the ride and handling features. But you may not know that these changes can also affect your speedometer and odometer readings when done incorrectly. In many cars, the speedometer and odometer use the wheels’ rotation to determine how fast and far the vehicle is traveling. The numbers on your dashboard are based on the assumption that your car’s tires align with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Usually, the maximum wheel size you can fit into the car is the largest wheel option available at the manufacturer for your particular car model. However, sizing it up by an inch is still reasonable.

Don’t go overboard on the size.

Even if you want bigger wheels to give your car a sportier look, don’t go overboard on the wheel size. Note that the bigger the wheel, the more compromised it is in safety and ride comfort. That also means a heavier car that weighs down the suspension hence a rougher ride. Therefore you should check the weight of the wheels you consider buying against the weight of the factory wheel to ensure there is no significant difference.

The final words

The only way to buy high-quality wheels is to choose a reputable wheel retailer.