This Chevy Silverado 1500 Celebrated 500,000 Miles!

The owner of this Chevy Silverado had a great reason for a celebration! It is everyone`s dream to own a car that is going to last long and is going to super reliable. Though we must admit that this is extremely rare unless you take great care of it, there are still some lucky owners who could say that their ride has been doing extremely well even after so many miles behind its wheels. Moreover some cars are even built to not last so long but this 2004 Chevy Silverado 1500 was lucky enough to celebrate an awesome milestone i.e. having made 500,000 miles with this beauty.

Chevy Silverado Celebrated 500,000 Miles Truck Odometer 3

This video might as well be a proof that the Chevy Silverado 1500 is a super reliable car and it is going to last for a long, long time. But the funny thing is the way they celebrated this awesome milestone. They were recording with a camera just at the exact moment when the odometer switched to 500,000 miles of comfort ride and then it was time for some fun. The man sitting next to the driver had a birthday whistle and he blew it. Then they had a small cupcake with a candle lit on top of it. They used the vents to blow off the candle and to finish off this awesome celebration they switched on the wipers.

Though he admits in the video description that he had to change the transmission hence it slipped somewhere at 450,000 miles, but everything else is original. What do you think; will you ever get the same chance to celebrate this awesome milestone?

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