Chevy Nova Dragster Takes On A Ken Block’s AWD Mustang!

Modifying and upgrading cars is something we all love. You can make a car look and drive so much better. Also, you can modify the exterior according to your needs. However, what is most important is what is there under the hood. Yes, some people do not care as much about the exterior as they care about the power of the car. There are some people though, that take care about both. Two such examples are the cars we are going to take a look at in the following video; the crazy Chevy Nova Dragster and an AWD Mustang!

chevy nova dragster awd mustang 2

Once we take a look at the number, we can actually realize how fast the Chevy Nova Dragster is. In fact, you cannot have a dragster car if it is not powerful. To be more precise, the Chevy is equipped with monstrous engine that produces stunning 1100 horsepower.

Yes, this is actually true and the big block protruding out of the hood is there to prove it. Though we must admit that at the start everyone had some suspicions about the Chevy because at the end of the day, it is still facing an AWD Mustang with some serious power.

However, in just couple of meters we soon realize that the Chevy Nova Dragster is there to prove all of us wrong. It managed to finish the race first and the distance between the two cars is amazing. The guys from the Hoonigan surely did a great job and the Mustang is absolutely perfect.

This is a special series from their YouTube channel called Hoonicorn vs the World. There are also some other drag races but this definitely tops them all. However, nothing was enough to stop the awesome Chevy Nova Dragster!

The video basically shows the whole process and everything that makes the car so special. Little did they know that the car they were about to face is something special. The Mustang was produced in 1965 whereas the Chevy was produced in 1966, just a year difference. There is a big difference in the power, since the Mustang kicks whooping 1400 horsepower.

This is the main reason why everyone thought that the Chevy Nova Dragster has nothing to look for in this race but boy were they wrong! This video is a perfect example that nothing is impossible no matter how difficult and worrying the situation really is. All you need is determination and hard work!