She Has TOTAL CONTROL OVER A 500HP EVO & Shifts Like A Boss!

I`m sure that for most of you, I definitely do not have to tell you that there are many girls out there, who are proving (in fact, HAD proven, a long time ago) that the usual and traditional stereotypes about women behind the wheel, are nothing else but a simpleminded prejudice. And when it comes to you, our respected followers of the, who are following us and read our articles on a regular basis, watching a girl who is rocking and rolling a cool and powerful sports or muscle car, is definitely something that is NOT NEW, or `revolutionary`. I`m saying all of this because, as you could have found out from the title, today we have prepared you a video clip, in which you will `meet` one attractive blonde young lady, behind the wheel of a 500HP Evo!

She is not from the company of those beautiful models who are having the time of their lives, feeling the thrill and adrenaline rush of driving inside (actually, the proper term is `being driven`) a powerful import at high velocity.

No! This girl definitely knows what she is doing, working the stick nice and smooth, shifting the gears of that 500hp Evo like an experienced driver.

So just watch the video below, and see her in action yourself. And since we are talking about female drivers, go to this link if you want to find out who are the top ten female race car drivers ever!