Cargo trucks, types and characteristics

We all know what a truck is and we would have no problem distinguishing it from other types of heavy vehicles. However, there are different types of trucks, with different characteristics, different sizes and uses. In this article, we refer to the most common types of these trucks and their characteristics. Enjoy! When we refer to trucks, we often imagine large vehicles, which are used to transport goods in their cellars or trailers, as we can see on the road on a daily basis. On the website; You will be able to learn more about the different cargo trucks that we describe in the article.

Cargo trucks, types and characteristics 1

Truck types

In general, trucks are described as large vehicles with four or more wheels, which are used to load and transport merchandise, food, supplies, cargo and others. They are generally heavy vehicles with a load capacity of more than 3.5 tons, where the driving cabin is separated from the rest of the body, which is an independent element that serves as the platform for the load of cargo.

Rigid trucks

Rigid trucks are defined as being one-piece trucks, they are pretty often used for the distribution of goods, in urban environments, where the roads are usually filled with smaller spaces, therefore their size is not the largest, rather they are classified as the small of the family, their load capacity, usually hovers around 3.5 and 7.5 tons.

But land transport has very different forms, which translates into very different types of vehicles. Depending on the type of cargo that wants to be transported, the dimensions or the structure of the vehicle, you should choose the one that best suits your needs. To learn more about this kind of transport, you can check out

Articulated trucks

An articulated truck is a set of vehicles made up of a tractor unit and a some type of a semi trailer. Opposite of rigid trucks, this kind of trucks are made up of 2 rigid parts which are combined through a joint, actually hence their name.

Trailer trucks

The trailer trucks are some kind of articulated vehicles with attached cabin or a tractor, which it is actually not intended to transport cargo and a semi trailer, that is in charge of carrying the goods that should be transported. When talking about trucks, these kinds of trucks may be the ones that come to our minds, since they`re the most common ones on the roads.

Highway Train Truck

Highway train truck is a type that has joined one or couple of semi trailers (these types can be found in Australia or some other countries with very long travel distances). In some European countries like Spain, there are also mega trucks up to 25 meters long and with capacities that go around 60 tons of cargo.

According to its weight and category

In Europe, the MMA or the Maximum Authorized Mass serves to differentiate between category N vehicles -- for the transport of goods -- into three different subtypes. N1, with an MMA up to 3,500 kg; N2, with an MMA between 3,500 kg and 12,000kg and N3 for vehicles dedicated to the transport of goods with an MMA greater than 12,000 kg.