Car Lifts for Low-Ceiling Garages and Workshops

Low-ceiling workshops and garages present a lot of challenges. Height restrictions can impact mechanics trying to do vehicle servicing work, and some vehicle lifts might not be suitable for premises with lower roofs. This, in turn, affects potential businesses and prevents workshops/garages from offering an efficient and quick service. Luckily, there are numerous innovative solutions, which are in place to solve that problem. Specifically, car lifts for low-ceiling garages and workshops can help to navigate around logistical issues arising because of space limitations. Some of the best car lifts suitable for low-ceiling workshops and garages include:

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1.     Ranger BL-3500SLX 3.5 QuickJack™ Portable Lift

This BL-35000LSX car lift is suitable for vehicles with a small wheelbase. As one of the lightest models in the lineup, you can easily transport BL-3500LSX`s frames in and out of your workshop. Also, with a power unit of 110 V and 21 inches as the maximum lifting height, you will surely be happy wrenching at home.


This is a 2-post low-ceiling vehicle lift that comes with both symmetric and asymmetric capabilities. It lifts up to 10,000 pounds and reaches 71 ½ inches – an industry-high. The tallest adapter prolongs the lifting limit of 77 inches.

UNIVERSALIFT 11KAF, a plate-based car lift, also distributes weight evenly, enabling it to last long. With a lifting time of about 50 seconds, including UNIVERSALIFT 11KAF to your workshop can keep your garage`s productivity high every day.

If you are looking for a reliable low-ceiling vehicle lift, UNIVERSALIFT 11KAF is an ideal option for your garage. With its two direct-drive cylinders, this low-ceiling car lift is a perfect option for workshops that work on commercial and personal vehicles.

3.     Ranger 7000TL 7K QuickJack™ Portable Lift

7000TL can now lift an impressive 24.5 inches high. Its reinforced upper frame rails make the car lift strong enough to raise SUVs, light-duty truck vehicles, and passenger cars effortlessly.

For vehicles with higher ground clearance, remember to pick up the manufacturer`s truck adapter set. Those extra spaces will provide an additional lifting height.

4.     BendPack LR-10000

If you want to get a wheel service done faster, you will need BendPak LR-10000. This efficient and amazing low-rise car lift holds loads of up to 10,000 lbs, making it suitable for SUVs and trucks that most other vehicle lifts can`t be able to handle.

Its lug nuts as well as other small parts are within your reach. An easy installation, adaptable, and small footprint 110V/220V power unit makes BendPak LR-10000 a perfect lift, which fits any workshop.

The auxiliary adapters and lift platform also allow the lifting of many frame contacts and unibody undercarriages at the manufacturers` pick-up points on vehicles.

5.     GP-7LCS

GP-7LCS is uniquely designed to fit in workshops with a ceiling as low as 2.7 meters. It boasts the lowest columns, offers an impressive rise, and can virtually be installed in every garage.

The GP-7LCS`s manufacturers invented it to give users the versatility of working from home. Low-profile columns that come with it don`t compromise with its lifting capacity. Not to mention, it comes with the industry-best warranty and is backed by a full-service team that supports your every need, after and before your purchase.

The game-changing and incredible upside of this car lift is that it stands at only 2.7 meters. Even if GP-7LCS doesn`t provide as much rise as other types of 2-car post lifts, its 1.473 mm still offers a lot more than mid-rise and low-profile scissor lifts.

6.     BendPak LR-60

BendPak LR-60, a 6,000 lb capacity scissor car lift comes with rubber lifting blocks, multi-position safety locks, a heavy-duty steel channel frame, and a dropped crossbar to add clearance.

If you want to increase productivity and add versatility to your garage or workshop, BendPak LR-60 can be the car lift you need. Because it is rugged, safe, and simple, it can easily handle 6,000 lb loads without hogging your workspace.

In addition, it comfortably fits into narrower bays, making it a suitable solution for quick services on today`s light trucks and passenger cars.

Not every car lift is created the same. You will have to choose the right car lift based on your garage`s needs. If your garage has a low ceiling, these aforementioned car lifts can come in handy. They will give you the flexibility and convenience of working in your garage without worrying about the workshop`s ceiling height.