Car Insurance Purchase Guide

Many car drivers will simply buy car insurance as a necessity without giving it much thought. Often, low premium costs will be the main factor considered when picking a car insurance policy. But, not checking out the full details could easily mean not having adequate protection during an accident or other damage to your car. Comparing various car insurance policies, and making sure that you`re aware of all the various facets of car insurance before making a final decision, will help you ensure that you`ve got the best product for your needs. It is basically your purchase guide!

Car Insurance Purchase Guide 2

#1. Third Party Only or Fully Covered?

Opting for a third-party insurance plan at the very least is compulsory by law. However, bear in mind that whilst only opting for third-party cover alone may bring your premiums down, you will only be covered for any damage that you cause to other vehicles, and not for damage caused to your own car. Therefore, it`s usually worth paying any extra to take out a fully comprehensive insurance plan that covers both yourself and any third parties involved in an accident. And, the price difference is usually not worth taking the risk for.

#2. Check Out Additional Covers Available:

Keeping your car insurance cost to a minimum by only choosing the minimum legally required level of cover may help you save money in the short-term, but in the long-run can lead to further expenses. It`s definitely worth checking out any additional cover available, such as breakdown cover, motor legal insurance, and gap insurance options. Paying a little extra for additional cover will ensure that if you are involved in an accident, you`ll get the maximum amount of money back. Very important aspect in the purchase guide.

Car Insurance Purchase Guide 1

#3. Compare Quotes Online:

Renewing cover with your current insurance provider may be a convenient option, but doing this could leave you out of pocket. If your car insurance policy is up for renewal, it`s certainly worth taking the time to compare quotes from alternative providers to weigh up your options and hopefully find a cheaper deal that covers everything you need. Check out; all you need to do is provide them with your vehicle and driver details and the site will automatically find a range of quotes from insurers who are suitable for your driving needs.

#4. Bundle Car Insurance to Save Money:

If you have multiple cars in your household, it`s worth looking into bundle deals from insurers to save money. Insuring all vehicles in your household with the same insurer will often lead to reduced premiums. Or, if you only have the one vehicle, you might be able to get a discount by looking into other insurance policies offered by the insurer, such as home, travel or pet insurance as many will also offer bundle deals for combining different types of insurance.

#5. Know the Current Value of Your Car:

Most insurance companies will value your car based on the information that you provide them with at the time you take out your policy, but mistakes can be made. Ensure that this information is right, as it will be the maximum amount that you can claim on your policy.

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