Can Defective Parts Cause a Motorcycle Crash? 

When it comes to getting into a vehicle accident like a motorcycle accident, we often look at causes such as weather, driving conditions, or another vehicle. There are times when these are not the cause, but instead the crash is caused by a defective part on the vehicle. Just like with cars, trucks and other vehicles, faulty components can cause an unavoidable motorcycle accident. If you are in an accident and suspect that the cause may have been a defective part, it’s important to talk with an attorney right away to see if you have a case. Defective parts cases can be difficult to prove and need the expertise of a personal injury professional. 

How Will I Know If I Have Defective Parts? 

Most motorcycles, if you purchase them from a dealership will have the newest parts on them and be subject to safety standards. This means that if there is a recall in any of the parts on the vehicle, then you should be notified and if possible, repairs will be issued. The trouble is that not all defects are caught immediately and it can take a long time for a recall to be issued. This becomes even more complicated if there are third party parts on the vehicle, in which case defects can take even longer to be found and rectified. 

If you suffer injuries or your bike is damaged due to defective parts, it may be worth consulting with a motorcycle accident attorney. They will be able to help track down information on the parts of your bike to determine if something was defective and should have been recalled. If you have aftermarket or second hand parts on your bike, it`s important to keep a list of parts and receipts so that if you need to look up any parts for defects, you have records of all the parts on your bike. This will help in proving your case. 

Who Will I Sue in a Defective Parts Case? 

The liable party in your case will depend on where the part came from. In some cases you will be suing the manufacturer of the motorcycle directly. In other instances it will be a third party part supplier or designer of the vehicle if the defect is found to be a design flaw

An issue such as defective tires would fall to the tire manufacturer as far as liability, but as we mentioned, without a recall notice or information about the defect, you would need the help of a lawyer who could help you find the experts you need to uncover such details. In short, defects with the structure or overall performance of the motorcycle which cause your accident, would fall to the manufacturer of the motorcycle, issues with specific parts would be the liability of the part maker and design defects would be the fault of the designer. 

Once you figure out what the problem is that caused your accident, it makes it much easier to build a case against the at-fault party. 


Defective parts can and do cause a wide range of motorcycle accidents and if you are in such an accident, you are entitled to compensation for your damage. Proving fault in these cases however, is difficult and should be handled by an experienced attorney. Don`t hesitate to hire an attorney if you are injured in a motorcycle accident so that you can get the full amount of compensation that you deserve.