This Cadillac Car Has The Fastest Hot TUB! Guess How Deep It Is!

This is very IMPRESSIVE! This Cadillac car has The Fastest Hot TUB in the World! So, can you guess how deep is this hot tub actually? These two amazing guys from Los Angeles, Duncan Forster and Phil Weicker transformed this amazing sky blue Cadillac into a fast moving hot tub and they even plan to install a mechanism for the Jacuzzi. They bought this car for $800 only and I wonder how much they has invested or how much they can sell it.

The legendary 1969 Cadillac DeVille Coupe is now serving as a convertible Cadillac car, and from a distance it looks like a normal car, but at same time you can drive this thing and enjoy bathing it the fully functional hot tub made out of fiberglass. It took around six years to build this thing in order to get to the shape and form as you can see it now. These two friends now hope to set  a new Guinness World Record for the Fastest Hot Tub Car in the world.

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