Bring Nav Brought More Trim Levels By 2016 MAZDA SUV CX 5 Updates!

The newly updated 2016 Mazda SUV CX 5 is one of our favorite crossovers already, when it comes to its size or when it comes to upscale interior as well as infotainment system! For the upgrade that will arrive in January, MAZDA will give costumers an even more standard features. However, prices will go up as well!

2016 mazda cx5 cover

2016 mazda cx5 1

Many new upgrades have been given to the 2016 Mazda by the Japanese manufacturer, such as LED signature lights as well as improvements in the infotainment system! However, these changes will make changes in the price, thus, the FWD with a manual gearbox of $22.695 will now be $30.770.

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