Black Shadow Racing Vega VS Team Orange 3000 GT!

If you ever find yourself in the capital city of Sweden, Stockholm, do not miss the chance to participate or at least see a race at the “TOP 10 STOCKHOLM”! The very best and fastest cars that Stockholm has to offer are there! And as you know, winter has passed, the asphalt is now dry, so the streets are again ready to feel the BURNING STOCKHOLM TIRES!!! Anyway, since you know the real deal now, let`s check out an actual race, how about that? Swedish Gearheads had the honor of seeing a FANTASTIC race couple of weeks ago! The sides at stake were the BLACK SHADOW RACING VEGA team on one side, and the TEAM ORANGE 3000 GT on the other side!

Both great teams, with AMAZING drivers and EXCELLENT cars! So, finally, they are on the starting line! Tension grows as blood boils in their veins! Both sides are eager to see their racers go, and when that moment comes, it will enter the History of TOP 10 STOCKHOLM! However, only one could be the winner no matter how good both drivers are, in this case the winner was BLACK SHADOW RACING VEGA team in this CLOSE and TENSED race with a MARVELOUS finish! Check it out!!!

If you thought that`s all from Stockholm, follow this link to see how one mean looking BMW E30 makes some crazy exhaust sounds in a Stockholm tunnel. Epic!