Best Father’s Day Car Shows Across America

Father`s Day is coming up faster than you think. If you are like a lot of people, you are wondering what you should get your dad on his special day so that you can show you care. Almost all dads enjoy trips to car shows, and many states across the nation offer a range of car shows you won`t want to miss. Make this Father`s Day special by taking your dad to a car show he won`t soon forget. Whether one of these car shows is near you or you plan to take your dad on a road trip, we are confident everyone will have a great time. Here are the best father’s day car shows.

Best Fathers Day Car Shows Across America 1

Father’s Day Car Show at Belmont Park

If you live in California or plan to visit, the Belmont Park Car Show is a fantastic choice. As soon as you arrive, you will discover endless rows of classic cars that have earned their spot in history. In addition to featuring a range of classic cars, the Belmont Park Car Show also has modern cars and trucks for your enjoyment. You will have easy access to the beach and plenty of great restaurants you won`t want to miss.

If that is not enough to grab your attention, don`t forget about the roller coaster and other great rides the car show has to offer. If your dad has a car or truck he would like to feature in the car show, tickets start at $30. Dads are sure to love a father’s day greeting card accompanied by tickets to this car show.

Cruisin’ Brea

Located in downtown Brea, Cruisin’ Brea boasts some of the hottest cars in California. Event organizers plan to have more cars than ever before during the 2020 show, and you can join the fun. This car show also features plenty of great entertainment options, such as theaters, exhibits, shops and more. You will even see plenty of amazing food vendors while you are in the area. Register before June 2020 to save $10 on registration fees.

EyesOn Design

Detroit, Michigan, hosts EyesOn Design every Father`s Day. Rather than highlighting rare cars from around the world, EyesOn Design focuses on cutting-edge design concepts. EyesOn Design keeps its event interesting by choosing a new theme each year. You need to pay a $25 admission fee to enjoy the show and view the more than 300 cars on display, but children 12 and under are free.

Burien Father`s Day Car Show

Located in Burien, Washington, the Burien Father`s Day Car Show is another option you don`t want to overlook. This car show has plenty of categories, including people`s choice and best low-rider. The free admission lets you enjoy more than 200 cars and trucks you won`t find anywhere else.

Southeastern Pennsylvania Car Show

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Car Show has tons of classic cars of all makes and models. Even though you will see classic cars, this car show also has modern cars that are sure to grab your attention. During your visit, you will have access to shops, food and other vendors.

Final Thoughts

Review this list of Father’s Day car shows so that you can plan your trip right away. No matter the type of cars your dad likes the most, you will find something that stands out to him when you visit one of these events.