Awesome JZX100: Drifter That Likes to Party!

The tail of how we met this car begins at the Tokyo Auto Salon that takes place every year. So, as we were passing by all the beautiful cars on a cold winter day in Japan, there was one car that attracted our attention. It was not factory-made vehicle, it was not one of the “celebrities” that arrived by special transport arranged just for them. It was a common car, privately owned that passed a long way from Yamanashi to Tokyo just to attend the event. Yes, it is the awesome JZX100!

This car was the awesome JZX100 and was original and very nice. It had a lot of customized details in it that astonish everybody who enters the car. It even has a Speedhunter sticker! Can you imagine?! If this car was a girl, it would definitely have been a girl that everybody wants to date.

When you see this car you immediately understand that it is made of Cresta, but not any model, but the rarest one of the three that ever existed. Therefore, seeing such car is always pleasure and honor. The second thing that catches your eye when seeing this car is the steel front fenders that are put by the owner, Mr. Ishiai- san, who actually works as a producer of parts for trucks. If you open the hood you will find a 2JZ block and 1JZ head, 1.5 JZ hybrid engine featuring HKS F-Con V Pro system, HKS T04R turbocharger and HKS V Cam kit. The engine is able to develop 536 ps and a torqe of 462 lb-ft.

Cresta was a Japanese car that was usually a mixture of race car`s elements and a classy car`s elements. It was meant to be a spacious sedan with a lot of comfort for the passangers. However, rear passengers will not be very comfortable in this car having in mind that a lot of space is given to the Saito Roll Cage and the “396 SPL” exhaust system.

Ishiai-san tends to make this car unique in a lot of different ways. It`s not only the fact that it is originating rom a rare car, but the wheels are rare, too. Ishiai-san used Advan Racing RA-DT3 wheels and it is astonishing how this car carelessly rides on the road without any problem. If there is any problem, however, the double DIN navigation system is here to detect it. Ishiai-san does not drive his car only on the streets. He also treats himself and the vehicle with a good, fast and exciting ride at the Fuji Speedway or at the Yamanashi Sports Land.

Mr. Ishiai-san always has something new to add to his project. This time it is the color of the Cresta which comes as inspiration from McLaren P1 test car. However, the best thing about this Cresta is that it was made out of pure amusement.

Japanese JZX100