You Might Need This Car In Case Of An Apocalypse! Check Out The GTR Nissan Walking Dead Godzilla!

It is either the post-modern era or something else making zombie apocalypses so popular and bringing fear into people lives. TV Shows such as Walking Dead or movies such as Mad Max embraced this vision of post-apocalyptic nightmares including zombies! That made people wonder, what to do in such harsh times, you need weapons or transportation right? Well, that is where the GTR Nissan Mad Max style comes into action! Equipped with nothing but the best features there are – it is ready! Of course, you cannot go all post-apocalyptic without the looks. Which is why the designers had given this bad boy the lowered body kit, bars over the windows and some nasty rims.

There was nothing more left for the GTR Nissan Mad Max edition then to storm the abandoned Earth and shred those tires. The following minute of the video is just enjoying the revving sound and grasping every moment to watch the incredible happen. We just move on listening to the engine and believing that one day this GTR Nissan Mad Max edition can be ours. Even the folks regarding Nissan as a car they rather neglect, say that this would be the one they want to own.

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