All the Things You Need To Know About Changing Car Oil

Every car owner and enthusiast is aware that a car`s engine oil needs to be changed but the problem arises when they don`t know how often you should change it. Changing car oil is a bit of a hassle but is very necessary to keep your car in good shape. It also becomes important to understand that not all types of lubricant work on an automobile. So what to do? To make it simple for you, we will provide all the necessary information and things that you need to know and understand about changing a car`s oil. We will first start with getting to know about the needs of your car.

Understanding your Car`s Needs

All modern cars are equipped with engines that are tailor-made to suit particular things. These engines are built and designed in the way that they require specific industry oils and lubricants. Don`t expect that a luxury car would have the same need as the low mileage ones.

So, a car owner must know this difference. You cannot just buy any product from the counter and hope that your car`s engine will accept it. Only by following these detailed requirements, needs and specifications can your car run smoothly in a long run.

Most importantly, your car`s warranty can also be at stake if you fail to comply with the right kind of oil. So, all the automobiles nowadays, require this much effort from their owner.

Top Reasons Why you Need to Change the Oil?

If you`ve been driving any type of car for a long time, it is given that you must have been reprimanded by the mechanic for waiting up too long or your frequency of changing the oil might have faltered somewhere. But they are not wrong. There are various reasons why you should do this regularly. Some of the reasons are listed below.

1. Mileage

There are many benefits to changing your engine oil regularly. One such benefit is a better gas mileage. It`s better for your pocket as it saves gas money. So the more your car is lubricated, the more it can run without a fill.

2. Performace of the Engine

Ask any expert and they will tell you how our car`s engine loves fresh oil. The performance of the engine doubles when you change the old oil with the new one. The reason is that there are various parts in our engine that are working at high-speed. Thus, they generate heat. Quick oil changes will result in the reduction of this engine-produced heat.

3. Engine Life

It is important to understand that old oil leads to several kinds of problems. One such problem is that the old oil has debris and grime that slows the working of the engine. So, there is a possibility that your car can be passed to a few generations if it’s maintained the right way.

4. Harmful Discharges & Emissions

We live in a world where nature and our surroundings are constantly deteriorating. You don`t have to be an expert to save the planet but an environmentally-conscious person. If we end up making a lapse in changing the oil, the result would be the emission of toxic gases and fumes that can lead to further deterioration of the planet. You don’t want to be that person. Plus we have ULEZ now. So you better be careful with it.

5. Maintainance

A quick visit to the service centre for oil change also gives you an ample opportunity to ask the mechanic for a quick inspection and check of your automobile. Car service and MOT are important and for further information, you can visit Acton Service Centre.

How Often Should you Change the Oil?

Various car experts say that the engine oil needs to be changed every time your car covers about 3000 miles. Some others say that you should indiscriminately change it after every three months. Is this right? Let’s find out.

Frequency of Oil Change

When we talk about the frequency, we are talking about the intervals and gaps between changing the oil. According to various experts, this interval is divided into four breaks.

Six Months-- Although this totally depends on your driving habit but if you drive your car regularly then within six months you must have driven almost 1000 miles. So ultimately in this context, you should get your oil changed twice a year.

3,000 Miles-- This is especially the case with all the folks who drive a good old car. It would be good for older models to stick with this regime to make its life longer.

7,000 Miles-- This is the category that is most popular with today`s owners. This interval is followed by most people. It is important to remember that driving habits matter the most. If you`re among those drivers who like to take their car once in a week, then this would be okay but otherwise…

10,000 Miles-- This interval gap is strictly restricted to those cars that have been recommended to use synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is much more expensive than normal engine oil and it performs better as well.

Car Models

As mentioned before, there are various factors that affect the intervals. This includes car models too. Most new-age modern cars require different engine oil than the older models.

Old Model Cars-- These types of cars require oil change according to the mileage they`ve covered. Generally, they stick with, once every six months schedule. This will roughly be around 4000-5000 miles. So, they should adhere to this frequency unless the car is under the weather and needs maintenance.

New Model Cars-- If you`re using newer cars then you don`t have to worry about oil change as there is a whole system installed that will alert and notify you about the need for it. This system is called the Oil-Life Monitoring system. Lucky you`re mate!

External Operating Conditions

This is another factor that has to be kept in mind. Whether you`re driving in short bursts or you live in a location that receives a lot of heat, the frequency of changing the car`s engine oil may vary.

Normal Conditions-- When running your car under normal and optimal circumstances, the oil change schedule will be the usual 4000-5000 miles depending on the manufacturer. Under these conditions, you don`t have to take any special care of it.

Extreme Conditions-- Now this is where the problem arises. If you`re living in any harsh weather conditions or if you are used to frequent short drives, then the frequency of oil change would be quicker. Here, every 6 months or at least, once every year is necessary.

I hope you have understood the need and importance of rightly scheduling the oil change. We would love to hear from you and for more of such informative content, keep your eyes peeled. Till then, have a safe drive!