AIRCRAFT ENGINED Cars Which Are 100 Year Old Surprise The Locals! The Edwardians Are In Town!

Now this is something you definitely do not see every day! 100 year old Edwardian era cars hit the streets as they get ready to race in Goodwood`s 74th Members Meeting in March. What makes these cars even more unique is the fact that they all have aircraft engines! And not just any kind, we are talking WW1 aircraft engines here. The engines are even older than the cars themselves which is why we call these REAL Aircraft engined cars!

Aircraft Engined Cars Which Are 100 Year Old Surprise Locals, The Edwardians are in town! 

In this video we have a 1913 Monarch, equipped with an OX5 WW1 9.5 L aircraft engine with a top speed of 100 mph. An Italian classic also makes an appearance, in the form of a Fiat Isotta Fraschini, packing a WW1 airship engine, with 3000 lb/ft torque, capable of going at a max speed of 127 mph.

A 1914 GN Jap is also present, with a 1908 aircraft engine, 5-litre air cooled V8, having 80bhp at 1500 rpm. And last, but not least, we have the 1922 GN Thunderbug, with a 4.2 L engine from a 1908 Tiger Moth, and a 4-speed chain drive. These cars are a great way to see how racing cars looked like over 100 years ago. Check out the video and the aircraft engined cars!

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