I know that we are showing you many videos with Dodge Challenger Hellcat, but can you actually blame us, when the car is so awesome and irresistibly appealing, so every new video that comes out is something that starts to tickle our curiosity. Especially when there is a something new model which is totally unseen by the general public and the Hellcat fans. Such is the model that Dodge presented as a new concept of the famous Hellcat, at this year`s Detroit Autorama, called the 2015 Dodge Challenger TA Concept.

This great Dodge Challenger model that was put out by the Mopar performance team, is in lime green paint job, with a black hood, kind of in a retro style, but with a completely new flavor and touch that we have already seen in the Hellcats from the previous years. Unfortunately, there is still not much info about it, except that there is a 5.7 Hemi engine under the hood, with no other figures, so we will not get into any speculations.

Just watch the video and if you are a Hellcat fan, I guarantee that you will adore this awesome new model of 2015 Dodge Challenger TA Concept. There is nothing in this awesome Detroit muscle that you would not like! But as the info about it goes, it probably won`t be offered to the public. So grab this rare opportunity to see this awesome Hellcat, and if you want to get a short glimpse from 2015 Detroit Autorama, go to this link.