8 UTV Aftermarket Parts to Boost Performance, Safety, and Comfort

With so many UTV models for work or recreation, it is only usual for users to access an extensive range of aftermarket parts, accessories, and mods. The parts market is vast and generous, from items that improve the vehicle`s style to the ones boosting its performance and safety. Whether you want to tune your Polaris, Honda, Kawasaki, Can-Am, or Arctic Cat UTV, professional UTV shops will not disappoint. But what to buy? What accessories to add to your side-by-side? Let`s roundup today X UTV aftermarket parts that will boost visibility, safety, comfort, and style! After all, who knows, maybe your newly tuned vehicle might compel you to enter an SXS race soon!

Let`s Ride in Style, Shall We?

We will first start with a couple of accessories meant to turn your ride into some Tony Stark adventure. After all, you have to be ready for anything, even if you use your UTV only for work. However, if you think about safety on challenging roads and uneven terrains, you can consider these accessories to play a double role in security measures and styling options.

1. Helmets, Goggles, and Sunglasses

If you prepare for UTV racing, you will learn that helmets and safety goggles represent some of the minimal requirements for you to enter. The best kinds are the ones approved by DOT or the SNELL. While the NHTSA speaks about motorcycle helmets, you understand what type of UTV/ATV helmet you should get to stay safe.

Gloves and protective apparel should also be on your shopping list. However, if you feel like making a fashion statement while you casually ride your SXS, racing goggles and sports sunglasses will keep your eyes safe from dirt, mud, dust, sand, or vegetal debris. When it comes to helmets, make sure you have one for you and one for your passenger(s).

2. UTV Speakers and Radios

It would help if you had some of the best UTV speakers on the market for your brand SXS for two reasons: there is no universe in which you can ride a UTV without your favorite music, and you must keep in contact with your party/group members at all times. Luckily, the aftermarket and pro shops have a diverse offer so you can choose the best products for your needs. You can get UTV speakers, hi-tech radios, waterproof soundbars, pod speakers, and complete intercom kits to use together with your team.

3. Lights

All UTVs come with robust lighting systems, but it doesn`t mean you cannot add some more. If you work in low-light areas, hunt at night, or engage in nocturnal UTV competitions, extra lights will offer you the visibility and safety you need.

Moreover, the proper UTV lighting systems will make your vehicle look like a fierce beat; competitors will have second thoughts about when they see it on the trail. Some of the best lights for UTVs are LED light bars, and you can find them in all professional UTV parts shops. They have low draw power, offer incredible visibility, and allow you to see in the darkest of places, as they are very bright.

2. Stay Safe at All Times

Whether you consider racing soon, casual rides with friends and family, or hard work on your farm/ranch/construction site, UTV safety accessories are mandatory.

1. Harness and Safety Accessories

From seats to harness and harness accessories, getting these parts will safeguard your vehicle, your passengers, and you. If you are shopping for safety parts, don`t forget about override and connector plugs, lap mount hardware kits, drive belt and drive belt tools, and more!

2. Mirrors

Car manufacturers do not put side and rear mirrors on their vehicles for nothing. You may think you don`t need such accessories for the UTV you use to haul cargo on your property, but mirrors equal safety. You will have to add them for competition purposes, as it is a minimal requirement for all UTV races.

UTV side mirrors are smaller in comparison to what you have on cars, trucks, or bikes. Nevertheless, you mount them on the roll cage, so they offer enough visibility to keep you and the others safe on the trail.

3. Windshields

What would a car be without a windshield? Well, you`d have a lot of dust, debris, insects, and even birds inside the cabin, wouldn`t you? The same goes for your UTV. Some manufacturers offer UTV lineups with incorporated windshields or at least with half ones.

Nonetheless, if you drive on challenging terrain and ride over rocks, logs, leaves, dirt, mud, ice, etc., you need a whole windshield. It will cost you something, but it will keep your UTV`s interior and yourself safe from the elements, insects, debris, and so on.

3. Power up that Bad Boy!

You know what they say, with power comes a lot of responsibility. And, power is nothing without control. Now, pop references aside, when you want to tune your UTV, you probably will go for a badass exhaust system. We will start with it, but throw another item into the mix!

1. Exhaust System

A new professional exhaust system will improve your UTV`s horsepower and torque. Depending on the exhaust you add to your vehicle, you may also get a more aggressive noise, increased flow, better overall performance, fuel savings, and more. Pro shops sell USFS approved spark arrestors, so you can be sure you will not burn down your crops or the forest while you work or race with your UTV.

2. Skid Plate

Just as skid plates protect your bike`s engine, they also keep debris from smashing against your UTV`s bottom. Insulating the underside of your vehicle with a skid plate is not just an investment in safety but also performance. Riding across rocks, logs, mud, sand, dirt, and vegetation takes a toll on your vehicle. Luckily, pro shops can sell you either aluminum or UHMW plastic plates.

If you are into hardcore UTV racing or challenging work on hazardous terrains, aluminum skid plates will probably be the go-to choice. They are heavier but will protect your SXS better. UHMW plates are lighter and will help your vehicle slide or glide smoother over bumpy surfaces. Of course, you have to choose the skid plates according to the terrain you ride on and your UTV`s purpose.

Bottom Line

When it comes to aftermarket parts to boost your UTV`s comfort, style, performance, and safety, the sky is the limit. Remember to look for pro stores for such accessories and never forget about the warranty! If you have a UTV, we`d love to hear your thoughts on the experience they offer and the parts you added to upgrade it!