8 Supercar Alternatives That Everyone Can Own!

Each and every one of us has a dream car in his mind that is probably really expensive and we cannot afford it. These supercars are always extremely pricey, thus purchasing one is not something everyone is capable off. But do not worry no more, hence we take a look at this awesome video and see 8 beautiful supercar alternatives that you can actually afford. For just fraction of the price of the well-known supercars, these vehicles will surely make you a proud and lucky owner.

Affordable Supercar Alternatives 2

First up we take a look at the mighty Nissan 350Z. This awesome car is as close as you can get to the one and only Nissan GTR. You can enjoy in the ride of the 350Z for just $5,000 to $10,000, compared to the whooping $30,000 on the Nissan GTR. Next we take a look at the mini powerhouse, Audi TT. This sporty coupe has the furious look of an Audi R8, but you can purchase it for just fraction of the price of the R8. Some of the earliest TT models can be purchased for just $10,000, whereas the Audi R8 costs whooping $100,000.

It has an all wheel drive that enables you to have surprisingly well and comfortable ride, thus coming as close as you can to the feel of driving a supercar. The list of supercar alternatives continues with the Toyota Celica, which you can purchase it as an alternative for the furious Toyota LFA. Check the video for more and see complete list on supercar alternatives!

At last, follow this link to find out whether is it better to own a luxury or affordable vehicle.