8 Smart Ways You Can Protect Car Paint During The Winter

Having trouble maintaining that new car paint? Can`t figure out how to stop the rust? Learn more about how you can maintain and protect car paint. There are two types of people in this world -- the type who loves the winter season and the one that doesn`t. Winter season is a time for staying indoors and protecting yourself with as many layers as you can handle.

8 Smart Ways You Can Protect Car Paint During The Winter 2

So, imagine what happens to your car that sits outside throughout this season? It goes through the toughest of times, like being sprayed with the snow, ice, and salt that the plows and trucks clear away on the road.

The salt can do some real damage to your car paint too. So, to help you preserve your car paint and also take care of your car at the same time, we`ve come up with 8 ways that will help you.

Let`s get right to it!

8 Ways to Keep Your Car Paint Protected

As we mentioned before how salt helps to de-ice the snow, however, it can also rust your car paint quickly. The rust begins to eat away the car`s body and other components and the grains of salt chip away at the paint when you drive.

So, to help you tackle this problem, here are 8 amazing ways:

Getting a Car Wash

This is at the top of our list because it has been deemed the best way to protect your car. Washing your car often can get the corrosive effect of the salt off of your car. Remember to wash it after every winter storm.

Once you`re at the car wash, make sure they are also cleaning your car`s undercarriage. The undercarriage is one of the places that`s hit the most during the winter season.

The washing of the salt helps to prevent any build-up of rust, this way your paint job also stays intact.

Maintaining With Wax

This season makes everyone feel a bit lazier than they usually are and this laziness makes you avoid taking care of your car properly. But, don`t let that put your car at risk!

If you are blessed with a garage and if the weather is a bit warmer, then you can bring your car in and apply a little wax on it. The wax creates a protective layer over your car`s body.

It creates a barrier between the body and the ice, salt. Gravel and snow seem to be everywhere during the winter. Applying wax is also considered to be good maintenance for your car right after fall ends.

To save yourself some time go for wax products with a spraying system. They`re great when you need to do some touch-ups. You can also take a look at this ceramic coating specialist.

Parking Inside

It`s common sense not to park your car out in the open snow. There are salt trucks and plows that go through cleaning and clearing the ice off the road.

The last thing you`d want is to have snow and salt all over your car. It`ll take time to brush it all off and not to mention the damage it could do to your car. There could be other cars on the road that may get into accidents and damage your car parked outside.

It`s a smart choice to park inside like in a garage or your driveway. Protect your car from getting sprayed with snow and salt.

Get Cover

If for some reason you have no choice but to park your car outside, then use a cover to protect it from the cold weather. This cover will help to keep the extra ice and moisture off the car`s paint.

Not only that but putting on a cover will also decrease any wear that`s caused by the brushing or scraping of snow off the car. This is a favorite among car owners because it saves them time to get the car ready in the morning.

Stick On Some Protection

Scratches and scrapings are not uncommon problems car owners face. By using a paint protection film you can minimize the effect of damage your car is going through from all the salt, gravel, and dirt.

They are exclusively designed automotive films that are both thin and durable. It`s not fully transparent but it`s also not that visible either, so, you`re good to go!

Use Soft Brushes Instead

We`ve all been lured into buying the elaborately styled ice scrapers and brushes that go around during the winter. They may look nice and also get all the snow, ice, and salt off your car, but the truth is the harsh brushes aren’t doing your car paint any favors.

The harsh brushes and scraper can cause scratches and small abrasions on the surface of the car paint. What we recommend you do is invest in soft-bristled brushes instead. You`ll also find a specific snow removal broom that comes with a foam head, it`s also known to be surface friendly as well.

Go for Touch-Ups

When you`re driving your car through a salt-covered icy road, rusts can attack any area of metal that`s not protected. Any chipped or scratched paint can render the body of the car helpless against any corrosion.

If you come across any scratches or chips, then take it to the shop for a touch-up right away. It`s important to get it looked after ASAP for both you and your car paint.

Cleaning Up At Last

Finally, after the winter season is over and spring starts to bless us, it`s time to thoroughly clean your car free from that coat of wax you put on it. You can choose to do it yourself or take your car to a car wash and then they clean the undercarriage and all the wax off.

It`s vital and smart to keep your car paint protected and maintained during all seasons!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we`d like to say that we hope the 8 tips we provided help you to maintain your car paint during the winter season. It`s not easy to take care of a car during weather that only makes you want to stay indoors cuddled up in a blanket, but you must put the effort in. Check this for more info on affordable car wrap in Toronto.

After all, you`ll be prolonging the life of your car and also keep it in top-notch shape during any given season. So, what are you waiting for?